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myWidgetTheme WP theme

Friday, February 26th, 2010

The last couple of days I have been developing a theme for WordPress. I was asked to find a CMS for a small website project creating a intranet site for employees at a relative big company. They wanted a new fresh and light design, but most importantly, it had to be easy to customize and maintain content.

I asked what kind of functions it should have and what kind of design they wanted since this is really important when developing the design and funtionality. They wanted 4-5 widget like frames with some content on the frontpage, and then one link to a news page in the main navigation area. The content will be a list a list of news articles, the weather, list of their new projects and pictures of them as well and some other stuff.

As a long time WordPress developer (I have customized several themes for different purposes) I came up with the idea of using WordPress using a theme with two wide sidebars with widgets on the frontpage and then two smaller sidebars surrounding the content on the other pages. One of my collegees hinted about the CSS Tricks website and fortunately Chris Coyier (the owner of CSS Tricks) had made a series of video tutorials about designing for WordPress from scratch using the Starker theme. In the tutorials he made a theme from scratch and since this theme had the kind of widget design that I wanted I used his theme as base of my costumization.

I took away the middle collumn on the frontpage and made the sidebars wider. Then I widgetized the sidebars to be able to add content from the widget admin interface. I added another two sidebars to be used on all other pages. I then added a page widget template that can be used with Query Posts + Widget Logic plugins to be able to make a page with posts. At last I tweeked the CSS and discarded the pictures used for widget titles and blog title. I did not change any of the colors, but I might do that in futures versions.

The theme is now used on this site to show its possibilities. If you like the theme, it is available in the download section… and feel free to customize it all you like! :D

phpMyDumper 1.10 released

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Finally, I have released my next version of phpMyDumper. This new version includes improvements that I needed when used in my work as a web programmer.

First of all it now supports UTF-8 connections as default with the MySQL server. The php class will create files encoded as UTF-8 which is important when your database is used with non-US languages.

phpMyImporter released

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

For many months, I wanted to be able to import backups of databases created by my other project, phpMyDumper, without using phpMyAdmin. The php configuration limits the filesize that phpMyAdmin can import. By default the filesize limit is 2 MB, which is potentially a problem if you are not able to change the php configuration, eg when using an external webhost.

phpMyDumper released

Friday, March 13th, 2009

After one week of coding I am ready to release my newest software project: phpMyDumper.

I wanted to do automatic backup of my website databases and normally you would do this using mysqldump and a cronjob. At the moment I am hosting my websites on my own server, but I plan to move the websites to an external webhost. However since I have no way to make sure that I have access to mysqldump on my future webhost especially if cost should be as low as possiible, I decided to write a php tool myself to do the job.

New Holdorf.dk/Software

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Welcome to the new Holdorf.dk/Software, which now is upgraded to a WordPress site.

That means I now have more options to promote my software and development of new projects. I hope you will enjoy the site as it expands in the near future.

My applications can be found in the Downloads section. This front page is now dedicated to my blog entries.