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2010-02-26 (WordPress, PHP)

myWidgetTheme is a widgetized theme for WordPress, with only two wide widget sidebars on the frontpage and two smaller widget sidebars surrounding the content on the other pages.


2009-10-26 (Mac OS X/BSD/Linux, PHP)

phpMyImporter is a php class, that can be used to import database tables into a MySQL database from a sql file. This is useful if filesize of the sql file is too large to be imported with phpMyAdmin.


2009-10-28 (Mac OS X/BSD/Linux, PHP)

phpMyDumper is a php class, that can be used for exporting databases and tables from MySQL. This is useful if you want to do automatic backup of your database using a cronjob and you for any reason do not have access to the mysqldump command.


2008-12-19 (Mac OS X/BSD)

PacketForward is an IP packet capture and forward application based on libpcap and libnet. It is a command line tool that listens on one network interface for UDP and TCP packets and then injects them on the same or another network interface. It has options for packet capture filtering and changing destination address.


2007-02-14 (Mac OS X, Universal Binary)

MacTXLine calculates parameters for transmission lines in electromagnetic systems. It support 3 different lines: Microstrip, Striplines and Coaxial lines.The application converts between electrical values and physical values. As an example it can convert a length in degrees to a length in mm or convert characteristic impedance in Ohms to width in mm. Also it calculates loss/attenuation of transmission lines.

The user can select between different pre-progammed conductors and dielectrical materials, or she can put in parameters for other materials of her own.


2002-04-03 (Mac OS 9/Mac OS X, PPC)

This application makes a remote login to a server on a secure ssh connection like you would do on the command line. You just type in server name, port number, username and password and push the login button.

It was developed to be used on a danish student network at Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby, called K-Net. When the user had logged in, the firewall server opened up the connection to the internet for the computer, that the user had logged in from.