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phpMyDumper is a php class, that can be used for exporting databases and tables from MySQL. This is useful if you want to do automatic backup of your database using a cronjob and you for any reason do not have access to the mysqldump command.

To do

Support for having only a specified amount of dumps

Version History

1.10: (2009-10-28)
Support for UTF-8 connections
New option to dump AUTO_INCREMENT in table structure when used with older MySQL versions
Reports progress information when creating sql file
New example of how to use the stream feature
Dumps MySQL server version

1.00: (2009-03-13)
Based on MySQLDump 2.0 by Daniele ViganĂ², creativefactory.it
Based on Thors code changes in MySQLDump 2.01 at coders4fun.com
Uses SHOW CREATE TABLES to get table structures
Adds AUTO_INCREMENT in table structures
Adds option to format dump file like phpMyAdmin export
Adds options to dump DROP TABLE and CREATE TABLE statements
Adds options to dump data and expanded INSERT statements
Optimized the code for dumping INSERT statements